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Instructor Qualities

Every person has character and performance strengths and weaknesses, and so it is with flight instructors. One way to judge the worth of an instructor is to look at opposite ends of the personality pole. Is the instructor

  • Nervous and excitable in the airplane, especially when you make a mistake, or the picture of calm no matter the circumstances?

  • Habitually early for lesson appointments, or chronically late?

  • Unprepared for the day's lesson, or meticulously organized?

  • Talking you through maneuvers and letting you fly, or hands-on with the controls to demonstrate how a pro does it?

  • Answering your every question with authority but not necessarily accuracy, or researching the correct answer when not sure?

  • Making sure each lesson includes preflight and post-flight briefings, or squeezing in each flight lesson no time for briefings?

  • Rigidly adhering to boiler-plate explanations of difficult concepts, or breaking down road blocks in your understanding by devising creative ways to explain things?

  • Enthusiastic over your progress and encouraging you to perform even better, or indifferent in attitude?

  • Lost in own thoughts while waiting in line to take of, or using every opportunity to encourage learning?

  • Making use of canceled flight lessons due to weather by discussing training progress and reviewing trouble spots, or not interested in coming to the airport if you won't be flying?

  • Impatient with your pace of learning, or willing to do whatever it takes for you to achieve a high degree of understanding and skill?

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