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Feature Article: Time For First Solo

This method to safely soloing a student puts the burden on the student. It is not the way I do it but it is worth considering. The instructor expects the student to say when he is ready. An addendum to this technique is for the instructor to then require the student to taxi out for one more takeoff and landing. The idea is to see how the student now performs knowing that the next time he will be alone. By performing well the student acquires a very necessary bit of extra confidence.

Another technique is the ex-military in which the instructor starts out screaming from the get go a continuous stream of threats to fail. At the last moment the CFI demands a full stop to as to escape from certain death. The CFI gets out while saying that you'll do all right. Apparently, the idea is to make you fly under pressure that is supposed to develop the necessary confidence for a successful solo flight.

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