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Feature Article: Applicant Summary

You must have an application for a rating form, FAA Form 8710-1, a waiver form as required, a medical certificate, and radio license (for foreign flight). FAA Form 8710-1 must be in ink or typed and signed in last 60 days to verify total logbook times. The CFI must print name under signature and CFR must follow certificate number. The latest Examinerís Update information is that you cannot fail the checkride because of the manner in which you filled out the application.

You must be prepared with a selection of required papers, endorsements and forms. Be sure to have valid picture identification such as your driver license. Present appropriate "notice of disapproval" or "letter of discontinuance" if test has been failed previously. The written test score lists missed question areas. Your instructor must verify all missed areas as taught again. In addition to your current medical certificate your student pilot certificate must have all the proper endorsements for solo in aircraft types and cross-country flight. It would be nice if all endorsements were the responsibility of the instructor but it is up to the applicant to determine that all endorsements are completed. You can blame everything else on the instructor but it won't change the outcome of the test. Have photo identification and verification of residence.

Your logbook must have the required flight instruction signed off as to kind of instruction and types of hours flown. Bring money. It is money that makes an airplane fly. You are expected to have current charts, plotter, computer, flight logs, pens and pencils. A hood is required flight test equipment. You should have a current copy (use mine) of the AIM, the FARs, Airport Facilities Directory, and the Practical Test Standards. Be sure aircraft has its proper POH and take it is with you for the oral test. You are expected to know what is in the Practical Test Standards, to know that the examiner is required to test every item, and to know that you must be able to perform or discuss every item of the test. What you don't know you must be able to reference quickly either in the AIM, PTS, POH or FARs.

The aircraft must be preflighted, airworthy, with all required papers, logbooks, and endorsements. Post-it all required aircraft and student endorsements so they are easily located. Know how to read AD code for required maintenance. You are to know the operating limits of the aircraft, its performance, its systems, inoperative placarding, and emergency options. Be familiar with all charts, graphs and operational numbers from the POH. Don't show up with a dirty airplane. Your appearance, hygiene, attitude and preparedness will make a difference.

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