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Daily Log Book

logbook December 30th, 2001
I am moving all my new development to a closed beta site for right now. there are too many new features and revisions which are not compatible with the current on-line system. I have also acquired a brand new set of domain names to make it easier to locate this site: (4flight.com, 4ifr.com).

I would like to thank everyone for the feedback they have provided on this open beta site. I am very excited about the new unreleased program, and the wealth of information it contains. Good news for all of you current VFR pilots: I will be offering a study guide for IFR ratings in the near future. Thanks for a great 2001, and here's to fantastic 2002.

December 8th, 2001
All of the peices are in place for creating accounts at 4vfr.com. I still have some internal testing and menus to build before release. the system now will do a few new things when you have an account:
  • Prevents you from seeing the same question twice during the same test
  • Provides an easy login once, instead of each time you want to take a test
  • keeps track of all of your exams
  • Graphs your exam progress, so you can see your improvements
  • Provides access to new enhanced sections of the website
Look for these new features soon.

December 1st, 2001
I have recieved an incredible amount of positive feedback over the last week for the on-line practice exam. Its great to hear that so many people are using the exam, and doing well on their real tests. People are sending me their actual test scores. Most people who study with the practice exam are scoring with a 90 or better!!!!

Keep the scores and feedback coming. Your comments have a direct impact on this program.

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