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About 4VFR.COM
Welcome to the definitive study guide for new pilots. This site exists to make studying for your FAA exam a more enjoyable and educational experience. 4VFR.COM wants to help you to become a better, safer, more knowledgeable pilot. Thanks for stopping by our website. Please enjoy, and feedback is graciously accepted.

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Our Practice Exam
Our practice exam provides a clean and easy delivery of questions and answers at a manageable pace. After each question, your answer will be graded and returned to you, clearly marked as correct or incorrect. We also provide an email study guide so you can review questions missed during our practice exams. Many students have expressed their gratitude for our on-line system, and how it improved their written test scores.

Plus A Whole Lot More...
In addition to our practice exam, our website is filled with valuable, easy to read information about flying, and flight safety. We hope you will find our library helpful as you continue your flight training. Many of our charts and tables provide great reference material that will make your training process easier.