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Feature Article: Bits and Pieces

  • Tolerance to lack of oxygen decreases proportionately with age.
  • Patience is one of the prime virtues of piloting.
  • Lemon Pledge furniture polish causes water to run off windows.
  • To secure an aircraft against severe wind damage: put tree branch on top of wing, deflate tires, park
    truck on windward side, fill tanks.
  • By the time you are 60 you will need three times as much light to perform a task as you did at 20.
  • A 30 degree bank causes 1.15 Gs
  • A 45 degree bank increases stall speed 20 percent
  • A 60 degree bank increases stall speed by 40 percent
  • Half of midairs happen below 500 feet and 75 percent occur below 3000 feet.
  • 81 percent of 'incursions' are essentially non-events.
  • Engine loses 3 percent of power for every 1000 feet of altitude
  • In four year period ending with 2000 over 1300 incursions were reported with three minor accidents.
  • By the age sixty you will need three times the light to see by as you did at 20.
  • Maturity comes to some earlier than others but to all survivors given enough time.
  • Love maintains enthusiasm and youth in those who love.
  • Getting older is a worthwhile process when you consider that dying younger is the alternative.
  • Your alternative to becoming an old pilot is being a statistic.
  • Your job is what you do, not who you are.
  • Problems can be managed by anticipation of a situation's options.
  • In advisory communications the aircraft type is more important than the call sign.
  • Use radio to call the turns in an uncontrolled airport pattern is best aid for visual location of position.
  • Stopping to talk to pilots is an excellent way to get ideas and incidental knowledge
  • Beware of pilots who exaggerate their capabilities and experiences.
  • Going to places were planes and pilots congregate is the best part of flying.

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